Moving 90% of world trade, shipping plays a vital role in the global economy

Investing in maritime assets has many benefits:

  • Attractive risk adjusted return potential
  • Strong cash-flows
  • Low correlation to financial and other real assets and between individual shipping segments and markets
  • Capital intensive, mobile and liquid assets

Based on a diversified portfolio approach and a long-term investment horizon, Navigare Capital Partners offers the opportunity for investors to invest in a maritime investment fund to generate attractive risk adjusted returns.

The partners in Navigare Capital Partners will co-invest jointly with investors.

Maritime Investment Fund II

PensionDanmark, Danica Pension, Lægernes Pension and Navigare Capital Partners have joined forces to establish Maritime Investment Fund II, and have pledged to invest more than USD 300 million in the new fund.

The fund will invite other investors to join, for the purpose of gaining further investment commitments.


Maritime Investment Fund I

Maritime Investment Fund I generated a total commitment of USD 450 million equity from three large Danish pension funds:  PensionDanmark, Danica Pension and Lægernes Pension (Doctors Pension Fund).


Via the new fund, we are looking forward to continuing the great partnership between PensionDanmark and Navigare Capital Partners. The investments will be managed by a team with strong competencies and vast experience from the sector. Based on our positive experience from the first fund, we are also expecting attractive returns from the new fund over the relatively long horizon during which we invest in the shipping sector.”

Torben Möger Pedersen

Danica Pension

As was the case with the first fund, we expect investment in this fund to give our clients a reasonable return. We are investing in a strong, experienced team with wide-ranging competencies. That, together with the currently attractive prices for both new and used vessels, is one of the principal reasons we are looking forward to an excellent, long-term investment for our pension clients.”

Anders Svennesen

Lægernes Pension

We work determinedly to provide doctors with the best possible return on their pensions. That means we need to cooperate with experienced professionals who possess an excellent knowledge of the industry. The experience of our first investment via Fund I was positive. Hence, now, with Navigare Capital Partners, we are making a further investment in vessels.”

Niels Elmo Jensen